Comment: What a harrowing letter

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What a harrowing letter

Something I've been mulling over in the back of my head for a few decades...

Does the POTUS actually hold any power? Or are the puppet strings pulled and those in office are simply advised by their handlers?

Maybe on paper they hold power? The older I get the more I see how the presidents and big politicians who have tried to buck the system get offed. And hopefuls cast aside or quieted.

I want a politician who stands for the Constitution and exercises his/her power for the greater good of the people of the United States without being cast aside or disappeared.

Often, I get depressed about our economy, job growth, what we actually produce here and consume here in the United States, and mostly I feel bad for my son, having to piggyback off of me.

I get bummed when I see my favorite non GMO organic only fruit and veggie store get converted into a we buy gold store and over-run by crime.

My neighborhood has changed so much in the past fifteen years or so it's not recognizable any more. Today I witnessed a drug deal outside of the local supermarket. Guy put his stuff into a free magazine, another guy walked up and took the mag, put something into the next one, then the original shady guy started to drive away but evidently forgot there was cash in the other newspaper and ran out and grabbed it.

Pretty ingenious. But what if a child had taken that or the previous rag out? If drugs were legalized I wouldn't have to see stuff like that.

I'm veering way off topic. PTSD and physical damage is a serious ordeal for our soldiers and they really need help. End all wars now and put that money into the VA, overseen by someone who can stop waste and get our vets what they need, obviously at a lower cost than war.

I trashed my voluntary servitude or whatever it was called when it was sent to me, later to find out I couldn't get a loan for college (although my whole life I have never owned a credit card, so it doesn't matter much) and I've advised my son of the same.

I was in a situation with a good friend where we were attacked and I almost died (I think I may have for a minute), and currently am diagnosed with PTSD. My friend however came out unscathed. I think some people can deal with it and some can not. I think PTSD is the wrong term. I think it should just be PTS.

I had a friend call me today, and he's at his wits end. He can't find a job, has no money, and also has PTS(D). I want to help him somehow but don't know of any way other than write a letter of recommendation and just listen. He's not happy. People are restless.

I wish the writer of this letter would fight in his own life as hard as he can and flip the bird at the establishment and prosper. Never give up. Fight to live and again, flip the finger at those who doubt him.

Every president in my lifetime has seemed to be simply a puppet. When I was my son's age I told everyone the president is a figurehead, much like a monarchy or patriarchy. But with different bloodlines and the illusion of power. Then as I grew older I really thought the president could do stuff. But then I grew older and realized the thoughts of a 12 year old are pretty much truthful.

Bush & (sic) just seem to be puppets although they did oversee this operation. But they aren't quite as stupid as some may think.

Today driving home I was thinking about presidency and idolatry and such, then I came home to this thread.

I think the banker industrial complex (including and especially lobbyists) is far more powerful than the military industrial complex, which is more powerful than the president and those residing underneath.

Please world prove me wrong.