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never seen such wrong people as the SPLC.

Smudge may have been tongue in cheek but look them up.

They lump in constitutionalists (and white people, especially christian) with hate groups. I happen to be 25%, american indian - 25%, dutch - 25%, hawaiian - 25%, spainiard 25%. Hispanic/Hawaiian on one side and Dutch/Soiux on the other. And I think the SPLC is a semi-racist org itself. My last name may be Irish but I was adopted. If this org wants to suggest otherwise they can pull my birth certificate.

I know I will probably get downvoted for this, but they even list Alex Jones on their hitlist. I like maybe 10% of his stuff (that's why I'll get downvoted) but he's not a threat, not a hate group, and not necessarily a bad dude.

They also list non violent, NAP people on the website. People who want no harm. They do also list some nasty people and lump them in the same pile.

While the premise of the SPLC is decent, they follow the wrong ideals and have way too much clout. In other words, go to their website and realize what they are all about. Come to your own conclusions. Please look into this org. I love all colors and creeds. You probably do too. These people demonize some people who deserve none of the such. They also demonize some people who deserve it.

I wonder if we can help sway their minds???

I have friends of all colors and those who know of this org do not like it. Please take an hour or so to peruse their website. My indian, native american, filipino, chinese, black, brown, red, white, constitution loving and christian people do not like this site. All of the people they claim to support. It's not only the bible thumpers. Or constitutionalists. All people of all colors are awarded the same rights. That's what makes my country amazing.

Edit: F the splc

I have to agree with the AnCap below...