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All that needs to be done

Is point people to their website and the "Pro(Anti)-American" article on the website.

Leave some breadcrumbs. That article has been around for about 6 months.

Immigrants came to this country because they love the Constitution, our Bill of Rights, and is Pro-American. There may be a few bad seeds, but all the people I've met are pro-american. And most who gain citizen status know more about the Constitution than most other citizens. I helped a guy at work about 6 years ago. It's really difficult to become a citizen and you have to memorize things that aren't taught in grade school any more.

Spread it far and wide. Every color. Especially to non white immigrants. My only two hispanic neighbors got freaked out by that article. These people (SPLC) advise our govt. I wish they would protect our CIVIL rights like their mission statement.