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Is this in response to the post?

I thought is was actually motivational. Was there railing against liberty minded politicians? I got the sense that the post was intended to broaden one investagatory inclinations by listing some specific topics and specific people who may have a jump start on the research. I personally found nothing hurtful or harmful within the message of this post. Surely we are all here to expand the liberty movement, that is the foundation, is it not necessary to re-evaluate the 'truths' we been told and make sure they are truths for sure. I think it is part of a free mind to be able to reassess the 'known' to pull it apart and sever the false that has slipped in or been accumulated over time. Opinions and assertions of 'truth' have little value, truth is facts, only the facts are important. I, as the poster, also feel there is much to learn about these assertions given to us by authority, they need to be questioned until the facts are revealed. As important as the political side of the liberty movement is, this too is part of the freeing of the mind. We must break the chains imposed upon us by others or ourselves.