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Comment: Peter just seems like a dud

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Peter just seems like a dud

Peter just seems like a dud to me. I didn't like much about whatever Z video my husband first put on for our "family viewing pleasure" and I found even less of anything of anything in this exchange.

Peter's little "Z" thing just seems like socialism -- vision of the anointed -- with astro-stardust in his eyes. In other words, stupid plus a herd of unicorns.

Much of his verbiage reminds of me of the French revolutionaries -- kill everyone who won't work toward our ideas of utopia. Peter seems to have little sense and a lot of lust. He's clearly no individualist. He put a bunch of pretty phrases together, but what I heard was he'd be willing to bash my brains to create his omelet utopia. I don't like anything about him or his pseudo-philosophy.