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Comment: It's easiest in my view to

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It's easiest in my view to

It's easiest in my view to just accept that there are probably selfish, egotistical, racist/sexist/otherwise bigoted, neoconfederate terrorists who may believe some of what I/we believe. But if a murderer also believes in free health care, does that make the progressives "like murderers?"
No. That's stupid and absurd and everyone knows it as soon as you point out that it's just a stereotype. We can't get riled up about people trying to stereotype us. We have to calmly and rationally dismiss these claims, point out that they are stereotypes, and that they are the weakest possible argument to refute any idea or collection of ideas. We calmly dismiss the idea that we are any of the stereotypes and assert our true beliefs in the clearest and most concise terms. Don't get bogged down in nuances when you don't have to. Don't get tied up in a line of questioning. Don't be afraid to decline to speak about something which you know little about or have a viewpoint you can't carefully and aptly represent. Be humble and calm and spare your aggression until it's useful.