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Comment: This criminal...

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This criminal...

...organization is one of the worst of the four evil seditious anti-American organizations that are busy undermining the national security of the United States. There are probably more.

These insurgents of hell along with the JDL, mosad, and AIPAC are hard at it doing harm to the United States of America. They are at war with the USA to disrupt the American Family Unity, and our way of life.

Yes, there has to be a full on retaliation against these criminals right now. Calling all warriors!!! Defend America from these terrorists now! They and others like them in isreal are the ones that are tainting this DP site right now. It is amazing how they are allowed to spy and disrupt here.

These criminal organizations and enemies of the United States of America are trying to steer the mass mind of the American People. Trying to keep it divided and fighting itself over stupid things. The stupidity of which is horribly failing because everybody sees right through these horrible evil communist anti-American traitors. The motto of "by deception they make war" is an old worn out rag that has no value or effect anymore. The whole world knows who starts wars and causes terror for the banksters to profit from. How does it feel israhell to be going poorer and poorer also? How does it feel to be pawns to be sacrificed soon?

Read these up and pass them on.

The nation and the world are uniting against these isrealli puppets of the rothschild bankster empire. They are out numbered billions to one. People all over the world see who are the puppets in isreal, and who their owners are. It really is sad to see the isrealy people used to ignite a third world war, or the final solution as the their owners the bankster call it. Even now they are getting their marching orders from the rothschild owner of both puppets, soterobama and nuttyahoo.

With the cat out of the bag as far as what the banksters are going to do to everyone's bank accounts world wide, they inadvertently started a world wide bank run all by themselves.

The other side of that coin is, the babylonian banksters are being pushed into a panic corner faster, and may react sooner than expected to cover up the bank runs that are causing the collapse to happen quicker than they thought.