Comment: It's not the messenger it's the message

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It's not the messenger it's the message

If Michael posts something I disagree with I will down vote him too. In fact, I seldom look at who the poster is until after I have clicked the up or down vote.
The reason you are getting down voted is because you are blaming the father for doing something that is not illegal or immoral. It's also known as spreading fear or paranoia. This is supposed to be a free country and we are supposed to be free to express our opinions, likes, and dislikes without fear of official retaliation. But people like you are telling us to fear the establishment and double or triple think before we so much as post a photo.
There was absolutely nothing wrong with the posting of a picture of his son on facebook, even if the FBI, NSA, DHS, CIA and any other alphabet soup agency you can think of, reads it daily. The problem starts with people like you that think you should control the thoughts of everyone else.

So, yes - you will get down voted!