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You are correct

I am a combat vet and when I returned I had a good 5 years of being put on every different type of psychotropic drug imaginable. I have to tell you, some of the side effects are downright horrible. I admit that my life took a dark turn and I was beginning to think that it just wasn't worth struggling to stay sane any longer and soon after the suicidal thoughts began. I began talking with an old Army buddy online and we were talking about the multitudes of meds they put us on and the unbearable side effects. He confided in me a secret that absolutely saved my life, Cannabis. I am now able to live a healthy and productive life, I'm finishing up an associates in computer information systems and getting ready to attend SU. The idea that cannabis makes you dumb and lazy is a complete fallacy perpetuated by the prohibitionists that make their money from the war on drugs.