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Comment: The Holocaust is the foundational lie of the NWO

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The Holocaust is the foundational lie of the NWO

The Apartheid Zionist globalist financial shadow dictatorship has only been able to stay in power since WWII by the constant direct and subliminal reinforcement of Christian guilt for the 'Holocaust'.

Take down this lie and the dictatorship falls, leave this lie intact, leaves the dictatorship intact.

The world consciousness is quickly awakening to the cold hard truth that the story of 4 million Jews marched to their deaths in Auschwitz is the foundation of the Holocaust lie, with NO FORENSIC or Archaeological evidence to substantiate it, and that without the 4 million who were tricked into the 'showers' in Auschwitz?...Well then there was no holocaust because the other so-called death camps where the other 2 million were supposedly 'exterminated' have never been found.

The Israeli Apartheid leadership of the GOP and Democrat party's, SPLC/AIPAC/ADL to name same of the main propaganda enforcers, had, up until the internet, an iron-grip on information contrary to the story of Christian's trying to exterminate the Jews, and effectively shut off the debate by instilling in the minds of Americans that even merely considering that the Holocaust was not an actual event, but rather might just be the GRANDADDY of all 'false flag' events
would be equivalent to being a traitor to America, and to wanting all of the Jews to die.

Now, thanks to the courageous and much maligned efforts of Fred Leuchter, David Irving, Germar Rudolph, and David Cole to name a few, there IS contrary evidence, a mountain of Archaeological forensic, and other that clearly demonstrates that Auschwitz was never used as an extermination facility, and that rather it was a work-camp where the detainees were not even abused, much less deliberately tortured and killed by some master edict from Hitler.

There it is LIBERTY MOVEMENT, the road to true freedom from the Zionists dictatorship of your collective mind goes through Auschwitz.

All of the bad things enumerated in the original post will only go bye-bye if you throw this yolk from your backs.

That is the naked ugly truth.

Take it or leave it.