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...I am really sorry to hear that.

Sadly, what you describe is playing out, to one degree or another, all across the to bottom.

Wish I had some sage advice, or an immediate solution, but we all know this mess is going to take time to fix. I will keep working in various ways to make whatever peaceful change is possible, as I see you are also doing.

Whether one takes heart in it or not, there ARE men who do not take the Constitution or their Oath to support and defend it, lightly. Coupled with them are men who never have taken that oath, but who strive for Liberty also.

When all else fails and it is clear that no other option remain, they will attempt what is necessary.

So...we continue to work toward peaceful resolution and peaceful restoration of the Republic, yet we are awake, aware and with eyes wide-open, diligently attempting to wake-up more people, prepared/preparing for what is almost certain to come.

Sobering stuff, to be sure.