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Comment: I'd like to see a debate

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I'd like to see a debate

It's funny to see how far some people will go to protect the current system. They are more or less selling their soul to the devil to protect the status quo.

I'd like to see an open debate on these subjects. It should be pretty easy to counter these accusations. But it requires the willingness of both parts to talk.

1) Against Israeli govt policies? = that is antisemitism.

Is the USA Israels slaves or an Independent country? We are not opposed to trade, but militarily we should be very careful not to stir up things too much, Israel has said multiple times that they are very capable of taking care of themselves and no longer need our "supervision". How about stopping giving foreign aid to other countries like the enemies of Israel? I'd leave that to the market else it might end up in the pockets of the wrong people.

2) Against special government treatment for "people of color" or
"ethnic minorities"? = that is racist bigotry.

Special treatment like throwing "people of color" in jail and making them slave labor for the government, yes we are against that. We are in fact against special treatment laws for any group.

3) Against special government treatment for women? = that is sexist bigotry.

Again why should we value some people higher than others, isn't that racist?

4) Against paying a min.wage or 'living wage' to the poor? = that is a Selfish egotist

By regulating the market govt prevent and hinder agreements between people, they are preventing the creation of new jobs by doing this. If you had to choose would you rather have no job at all or have a job that is under the minimum wage? Lastly don't forget big government and its many regulations is the reason we are in a crisis in the first place. USA has stopped producing because its become non-profitable to use its own labor force.

5) Against 'reasonable' government gun control laws? = that is a domestic terrorist.

Death by guns may be higher in non gun regulated zones but the crime rate is lower. Once you start to regulate its a slippery slope. The second amendment is to protect the people against an out of control government. How much do you trust your politicians? Have they delivered what they promised? Would it be possible for any politician to ever have made a deal with someone to gain a personal profit at the expense of others? Would you be willing to put your kids future on the line for a promise made by a politician? In the end it boils down to who to trust and I for one does not trust blindly everything that comes out of any politicians mouth.

6) Against Federal Govt getting bigger (or for States rights)? = that is a neo confederate.

How much does the Government actually produce per dollar spent compared to the free market. I am not talking about job I am talking about actual wares and products usable by the people. This has nothing to do with north vs south. It's all about keeping each persons individual freedom, as opposed to removing them like they have been doing for some time now.

Will the American dream be a possibility for much longer in America or will you have to move to Asia to achieve it in the future?