Comment: The guy who wants me to think

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The guy who wants me to think

he is so powerful so as to bring nations and create world wars, He threatens to bring down the state nation of Cyprus if they do not submit to the extorted theft.

Yet he, HIDES behind a curtian. Why hide?

What is he hiding from? Who are these bankers?

Is it every bank CEO or does it include the CFO, the board, the share holders, the majority share holder(s) or all bank employee's?

Is there a human, a individual, or a few individuals behind the curtian that you say is now visible? If so, who are they?

If the curtian is pulled back only to disclose, "the bankers", has anything been disclosed? Isnt that like saying the Corps, or the military industrial complex, or the CFR, Trilateral commission, or Bilderbergers? Like identifying the entity behind the curtian as non human in reality?

Is there another curtian behind that curtian?