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Comment: I kind of hope he does become president

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I kind of hope he does become president

In the event that an anti-war, anti-federal reserve and pro-civil liberties person has a real shot to become president, i hope they do become president any day.

Now i don't know a lot about Ben and he may well be that person, but i personally doubt that.

Even with that in mind i still hope he does and my reason is based on how he could influence Christianity in western society.

At this point in time, Christianity is very much being intellectually persecuted where in order to be smart, you must abandon any form of spirituality, ESPECIALLY Christianity. In Australia, the mere mention of God existing at the university gathers chuckles throughout the lecture theatre. And here in Australia, we have the most irreligious youth in the world and i see America's youth on that path and this is very concerning given the USA's influence on pop culture, western society and the western world.

With that context in mind, Ben is an extremely intelligent person whose faith is central to his lifestyle (at least in speech). One can see just how easily he would appeal to independents based on what he calls 'common sense' solutions and i think if he were to become president, Christianity and conservatism could be redinfed in a much more positive light compared to how those in the media and universities have framed it.