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he won't lose liberal women voters

over this. The types of voters he would lose are pro-choice independent voters. Believe it or not, the majority of voters in the US believe that abortion should be legal at least in some circumstances. This type of legislation implies an intention to outlaw all abortions under all circumstances.

Taking a strong stand either way on the abortion issue is going to alienate voters. If Rand goes public trying to legalize abortion, he will lose a lot of pro-life voters. I realize that if he is running as a Republican, he will offend more potential votes from the pro-life crowd, than he would lose taking a hardcore anti-abortion stand.

If Rand cannot get this legislation passed (and he won't) ... then he basically accomplishes nothing for the pro-life supporters, but at the same time he alienates the pro-choice independents who will be offended by the fact that he tried to do this. So there is really no practical benefit for Rand to do this. The pro-lifers all know that Rand is on the same page with him. This is merely going to paint him as an extremist from the other half, who will see him as trying to force an agenda that they disagree with regardless of the fact that it isn't popular enough to pass.