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If you go this way. Well

If you go this way. Well make sure you save enough fight to finish it out. If you are carrying you MUST never be around smoke EVER drink. Must work out everyday and MUST eat 100% flawlessly or you will go to jail. We wouldn't want to pass a law to not harm another just 1/2 ass after all........

So suck it up and put EVERYTHING in there that harms said life every day it.

Also tied to the bill most be ZERO hand out or help at ALL for any care to them. For the bill is about not hurting another and MANY MANY MANY do not wish to be harmed by forced labor at gun point to pay for another.

Bottom line is SOMEONE is always going to be harmed.

NO LAW CAN FIX THAT... just make for bigger gov:)

Now if you wish to teach other what YOUR morals are and win the hearts and minds that just might work.

After all we are about not forcing our ways onto others.

Life is great with Isagenix