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Comment: The funniest thing, for me,

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The funniest thing, for me,

The funniest thing, for me, is that both men have done incredible amounts of research into historical causes of the present condition of the world, but both of them still seem think that the world continues to function with a "free market." This is as far from the truth as you can get. The Stock market is manipulated by the money handlers, the capital markets are manipulated by government force which is in turn controlled by the money handlers; localized economies are squashed by regulation at every level and/or a lack of capital, or functional scale. None of this is indicative of a "free market."

The other issue is cause of the current cultural obsession with the accumulation of "things." Peter mentions it once, that marketing psychology was introduced into politics around the turn of the last century. This is true. However its impact on the human psyche has been profound and very damaging. From my own perspective, it seems as though the cultural nature of greed stems from a basis of fear. People fear that anything and everything they own can be taken from them at any time by the government. This makes them greedy for more because more wealth, they think, will insulate them better from the theft. They will have more resources with which to defend themselves. this is not irrational, but it is conditioned. Neither Adam nor Peter seem to take this into account.

Voluntarism is by definition is a distribution of power, and an elimination of force. It is not just a virtue, but an essential principal to all peaceful human interaction. Peter's view of the future seems to ignore this vital point. Eliminate the causes for fear and you eliminate the effects of it.

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