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Comment: To government supporters i

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To government supporters i

To government supporters i say this

Will you use these freedom loving people as the excuse to give youre government to do......what?

Dont think on what they wont do, think on, who or what will stop them, IF they do, if you give all this power all this authority to the very people who give you the solutions, what will we be other then spectators to those in power.........

Power is not something to be admired, freedom is, not everyone is lucky enough to live their lives by it, but the beauty is, if your lucky, you find out what others have figured out, that you had it all along, just gotta navigate the bullshit to find it........the freedom of thought, something deemed so simple in our day and age, but so brilliantly profound, your mind is your own, make your own mind up about things, do what you want with it, normally i'd say, but respect others rights while doing it, but im thinking, when you reach a certain stage in liberty, that comes naturally, and if you make a mistake, as will happen, you have other liberty folk to point out things you had'nt taken into account, and having a better chance to avoid the mistakes

To err is human, if we dont try to improve ourselves, we might aswell forget the things we've learned accross the generations