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Uh huh

The reason you are getting down voted is because you are blaming the father for doing something that is not illegal or immoral.

OK! So if someone has medical marijuana in a state where it is legal (and moral of course) to smoke it, yet they know that Obama is sending the ATF regularly into their neighborhood to confiscate these drugs, they are STILL perfectly justified in smoking a joint on their porch, even if their young children are inside and will be subjected to the trauma of having to WATCH the ATF manhandle them?

All I'm talking about is discretion and prudence in light of how the system actually works, not how it theoretically ought to work.

But people like you are telling us to fear the establishment and double or triple think before we so much as post a photo.

Do whatever you want...I NEVER in a million years would have done what this father did because to me the result was predictable. You people are acting shocked; meanwhile, he got exactly what I expected him to get.

So who's smarter? The one who can foresee the outcome and avoid it, or the one who insists that the outcome should be different, walks right into trouble with their child, and then whines about it?