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Well yes I do think it's

Well yes I do think it's wrong to support bad causes like, if I stipulate your premise, the homophobia of Chick Fel A.

I don't think we disagree, really, just I may not have been clear about what I was saying.

So again assuming Chick Fil A is homophobic, I think we would both agree the people buying chicken sandwiches to support homophobia are wrong and the people not buying chicken to 'punish' homophobes are acting at least from right motives.

I think we would also agree the much much greater wrong would be to try to stop any of them from acting on their own beliefs by force.

My original point was merely that under a real free market there are natural, coercion free mechanisms, that undermine bigotry and racism.

The second point was that government, forcible, solutions must always perpetuate the problem, and I explained the mechanism. As a general rule all government solutions must perpetuate and expand the problem they purport to address because the entity is composed of people who have a profit motive for the problem to be perpetual.

Economically the government can't ever fix anything. It can only position itself so that, when a problem is solved despite it's best efforts to prevent solutions, it can take credit for the solution.