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Comment: Tread lightly Sir!

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Tread lightly Sir!

I still have not seen the organization that announces true intent. It is always a laudable purpose that is announced. The questions really is how do they intend to go about addressing their stated purpose. I would like to know the answer to that regarding activity of SPLC in early 70’s, if someone knows…

Foundations and Non Profits have been the most effective tool of tyranny for the last 100 years. Standard Oil couldn’t be broken up until ole John D had all of his wealth moved and hidden in foundations. These same foundations have been the funding mechanism of every attack on liberty, constitutional government, developing the sick care industry, developing education public & private into indoctrination of one world post democratic government, and last most surely not least – the Eugenics of the early 20th century. They never sate anything but a laudable goal. No foundation or non-profit should be trusted until you validate their funding.

Sorry for the rant Smudge

Be careful Smudge Pot – whatever was, this is no longer a misguided liberal organization. The evidence that surfaced in the Jessie Trentadue cases showed the SPLC to be running CI’s and completely aware of OKC. No theory here just fact easily verifiable at www kennethtrentadueDOTcom
– be careful.


No Doubt that one of the most eloquent and prolific writers is Will Grigg. Please purchase one of his books to support this highly talented individual! His book on UN is incredible.

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