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Comment: Really? I was about ready to give up hope.

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Really? I was about ready to give up hope.

For maybe the first time I doubted myself and my position. I was like if nobody, not one person in this whole movement responds I will conclude that this is a bad idea. And it's not like I've ever minded taking a lone position in the past but in this case I'd begun to question if I am being naive or even perhaps ego driven. Blind to some truth everybody else sees but me.

But I offered you my hand and won't pull it back on you. I'm not sure we can do any harm that hasn't been done already. So what you need to do is PM me and first we start talking. We build trust in each other then we start talking to Hank and build more trust if we can.

My only other idea from there is some kind of interview where we let some questions and answers go back and forth. If we can do that without allowing things to degenerate into a hate fest we'll have accomplished something. If we find some things in common moving forward I think that's our bingo.

Most of those who think so actually don't and most people who think sew actually rip.