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Comment: Blessings to you

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Blessings to you

in your efforts.

When bad things go down, it's better to have open talk than not.

But, despite their honorable beginnings, I hear the spirit of murder in their language. Jesus said calling a man a "fool" is the same as murder in the heart. The way I interpret that is that name-calling is about stealing someone's influence and murder is about eliminating a person's influence.

The SPLC has this spirit of tyranny about them. They want their influence to dominate and will stoop to dishonorable means to take it away from others. I'm not saying an individual from the SPLC is murderous at this time, but they cultivate that seed of censoring not by eliminating the information, but by eliminating their opponent's influence.

Have they renounced the kind of rhetoric that causes things like Waco to go unpunished? No. They are culpable in murders that will happen because of the way people who reject their influence are demonized. If there is to be political genocide in the U.S., the trajectory of what made it possible will intersect what they are doing today.

Your analogies to making peace like the peace makers among the Native Americans is apt. It shows you are aware that you are dealing with people who are about eliminating the influence of their opposition. It is better that the SPLC have our faces, our voices, in their heads so when they do the dangerous things that turns us into the "them". Creating an "us vs. them" is, of course, the first stage of orchestrating hatred and anything that can be done to slow down that process would be good.

Defend Liberty!