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The nation-state was a tool of these power brokers in the past. They needed a nation-state to get enough resources, consent, and cannon fodder behind them to protect and ascend them. After using the US for so many years building their military with weapons, surveillance, and bunkers that no one on the planet can even imagine opposing these folks want to rid themselves of the nation-state. They do not need us or a nation anymore. I believe that is why we seem them acting with such hubris more and more. They got it all. We are cannon fodder just like the rest of the world now.

Just think, even 30 years ago this was not possible. Today, not only is it possible but it is rapidly coming to fruition. There is a tiny group of crazed evil people that can and are dominating the world.

As much as I keep hearing folks here think that China and Russian are their enemies I beg to differ. Anyone who can threaten the group that has control of the USGovt and military needs to be taken to task. Opposing forces is not a bad thing right now.