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I don't have an answer

I am just pointing out that the upcoming collapse could be devastating on a number of levels. You are right, the best option we have is to put intelligent people with good intentions in place. However, I would prefer to fix what we have instead of all out collapse. I realize that isn't likely, but I can always dream can't I?

I am more interested to see if anyone else has been paying attention to what is happening in Greece right now. The country is being turned upside down with police joining forces with the fascist regime. They have grown to the 3rd largest party in the country and have installed offices in New York, Chicago, Australia, to garner support. I suppose it is inevitable when the decay is occurring and people become desperate. I don't want to lose my 2nd Amendment as this could become a reality in a neighborhood close by. This is what I believe the founders were concerned about. My state is going to try and take the firearms away(Maryland). I am about to pick up my things and move on that law passing here.