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Comment: We are all Palestinians

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We are all Palestinians

How do we boycott Israel most effectively? Boycott the banks and the "right" Israeli corporations in USA and all over the world whose profits feed the war machine. Let's start with the AMA and the cancer "treatment" machine 60 billion anual industry scam. Radiation machines are a better place to start. Boycott suicidal Israeli cancer"treatments" that are forced on us at gunpoint, literally. Try and heal yourself with real cancer drugs in public....

Exposing the insidious, deceptive practices if this unfortunate yet deliberate scourge on the world would be a start.(I have Israeli friends that are humanitarians too, though) Exposing the forces behind its creation and the banks that are complicit in all this genocide would be a great day. I boycott yet reach out to Israels and Palestinians equally in this time of growing pains for all. I'm watching myself, and all my brothers suffering from secret biological weapons put in their food, air, water, and pills, by the same secretive mega powers. If we keep the internet free the criminals will continue to be exposed. Boycott Israel, absolutely. I will take a stand now and forever against those who have taken over our country's every power and turned it against it's creators in a form of slow death. most are not strong enough to admit this to themselves.