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Very focused comment.

Thank you for that.

However, I see some of your assessments the other way.

I don't think either of them see a free market existing today. That's the whole point they got involved for. Unless you include government being a purchasable commodity, in which case then yes, it's a hyper-free market, complete with freedom to enslave via violence.

I didn't catch Adam's reason for our obsession with material goods but Peter's is virtually exactly how you state it. This is one of the problems I have with TZM because I disagree. I believe the covert action wasn't to instill fear as much as it was to tie wealth to our social standing. In this way, people are always pegged to some rung on that ladder and there is an inherent fear (not trained) in losing position. Using this analogy explains both ends of the spectrum, not just the middle. Then by installing peer pressure on your placement on the social ladder, anyone at any level can be easily coaxed into compromising morals and principles for a buck. Additionally, all power then becomes a mere question of who has the most money. It's a very simple way to corrupt an entire planetary population with a few simple indirect actions.

Having followed TZM and Peter (and even Jacques and TVP) for years, I really don't think Peter misses that voluntarism is essential in its role. I think he is advocating that people be coerced (regardless of the means) to be educated that it is important while Adam is advocating that if we fix the economy and let technology advance, eventually people will figure it out on their own. There's merit in both, even when used together but I'm kind of starting to believe that the more people learn, the harder it may be to achieve. The reason is that as the Keynsians learn of this, they will actively fight it. In the end, those battles will be moot but not so much for their casualties.

My personal believe in all this is that if we kickstart a few businesses of our own that truly prosper because they're not based on infinite growth, covert consumerism or any debt, they will yield such higher wages and profits to the point that they'll catch on. The resulting wealth gain (multiples of current profits) to everyone involved will end many social problems and undermine socialism's support. The whole concept will spread like wildfire so no mass awareness campaign will even be necessary.