Comment: They create the very tools

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They create the very tools

They create the very tools that would one day expose them, well, unless they do something unheard of, and ban "something" from the public

Just imagining a world with drones, in the power of those that will, makes me shiver, im still hopefull they are all gone by the time it gets here

Im opposed to drones used for reasons of tyrrany, so for that, i'd rather not have them, but in a world won by liberty, i can imagine uses for them, in a non surveilance, non weapon platform way......PLENTY of checks and balances though.......debated, well thought, sometimes, genius, checks and my mind if the c&b are not sufficient then bye bye bill

Progress in unmanned technology, i.e. going to places a human, as of yet, may not get not opposed to that, science for the sake of science, with c&b's.
The reason im against "drones", is the current reasons for wanting them, war and surveilance, and any other reason that i might not be aware of, kept secret, because of the fear of opposition from the public, IF any