Comment: Too many see the U.S. as We/Us

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Too many see the U.S. as We/Us

The neighborhood that gets Droned sees the U.S. as 'us' (millions) as a whole rather than the 1,000s that Control us and the Military.

Be nice to have a way to openly object. A way to Petition for Redress of Grievances without the Grievances having to be channeled through and then approved by either a Democrat or Republican.

I have no Representation in Government, at any level. It also seems that almost everything MY Representatives do, they do at my demise and certainly without my Consent.

Once enough people make similar objections, we have a case that Authority is rescinded. At that point it will be the Representative who is primarily culpable and the non-consenting can begin to communicate repercussions for acting against those that 'represent' them.