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Comment: Except that it's not complicated.

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Except that it's not complicated.

Sex is for reproduction. The only way to 100% make sure that there is no conception is by either not having sex or having your body mutilated. Tying tubes is still not 100%, so you would need to have organs removed...mutilation. When conception occurs it is a human life. All that would have to happen is for the government to define abortion as murder. It really wouldn't be hard to shut down all of the legal clinics. There will always be a black market, and that's just a fact of life. If you don't want children, keep your legs closed or put up the kid for adoption. If you're raped, take a morning after pill. The problem is society. Until society gets its head out of its ass and stops glamorizing sex as something trendy and something you have to do with random people to be normal, things will not change. Our culture is just a culture of death, so it's no surprise that abortion is cool.

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