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Comment: Why label yourself is a great question & deserves a great answer

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Why label yourself is a great question & deserves a great answer

I am not 100% sure of this history... but I believe I read somewhere that the reason why, in China, there are so many Chens and Tangs and Yings so on, far fewer last names than found in one American town, that for centuries the Emperors would write down family names to identify 'trouble makers'. The people all became Chens and Tangs. When the palace guards asked (always at the threat of death) "Who did you see run by here?" ...the peasant could answer "It was Chen". I even heard that Emperors would round up as many Chens as they could and just execute them all, as a warning.

You see in China, vengeance is multi-generational. In the West, vengeance only belongs to the one who received the injustice. At the most in the West, it may pass to a son or wife to get vengeance for an injustice, but never like it goes in China or Japan for that matter. There vengeance belongs to the multi-generations and whole extended families would/could seek vengeance. In the West, you don't hear of 3rd cousin daughters marrying into the family that murdered your great granddad, only to poison the ruling son of the man who committed the first injustice against the granddad you never met or knew personally. (Hatfields and McCoys have nothing on Chinese/Japanese notions of rightful vengeance.)

Does that mean that Britain should watch its back for having its ships travel up the Yankse River in the 1700s and blowing up town after town with cannon balls? I think so. Does that mean that Americans should be very wary of Japanese for nuking two cities in the 1940's, some 70 years ago? I think so. A few generations from now may learn/be taught that vengeance is rightfully theirs. So strong is/was the culture of vengeance, even in Middle Ages in Europe, that it can last for a 1,000 years. Hence, people in China protected themselves from the Emperors fear of vengeance by not having a name and/or blending into the grand family of Chens or Tangs or Yings...etc.

To make the equivalent response in today's America, we would all have to share a dozen or so Social Security numbers. But with eye recognition software, facial recognition software, DNA recognition software, that may not work. See Tom Cruise in the movie... I can't recall the name.

Anyway, its a good question, why take a label? Why put a name to it? The answer to that is "BULLETS". Yes, bullets, as in, What good is a gun without bullets?" Answer, it isn't worth much. Labels and names are really concrete verbal bullets, they are ideas in name form. You cannot fight the fight without ideas and ideas need names to fire off. I cannot say their concept, "minimum wage", without a name, without a conceptual label. And most of all, like a pyramid or a tower of umbrellas with the biggest umbrella covering the many smaller umbrellas underneath, political labels such as Conservative, liberal, socialist, communist, fascist, anarchist, and of course libertarian all cover the many smaller umbrella concepts down below. Without the word socialist, you would then be left with describing all the sub-ideas such as min wage that underpin its meaning.

So the answer to the question is bullets. Ideas get labels because it helps us to think rationally (or irrationally). It is were this war is right now, and Alex Jones for one, gets it. Its "Info Wars". Ron Paul gets it, its a "war of ideas". Its our ideas vs their ideas. Hence, their attempt to co-opt the meaning of our label.

Finally, Once I tell you that "blue is green", and, "green is blue", what have I done? Answer, I have conveyed NO INFORMATION and I have confused the listener. The listener cannot tell you if you mean this green leaf or that blue sky, especially confusing when many millions of people walk around calling the sky green and the leaf blue.

Now get out there, load up on all the Freedom Bullets that you can, and fire those ideas out at our enemies (ie our confused mislead future friends). Yes, its a game of numbers, never forget that too.


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