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Comment: The Chinese ARE dumping their "US debt"...

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The Chinese ARE dumping their "US debt"...

or, so I understand. They have been building up their infrastructure using our "funny money," as well as buying gold. They are already trading with Iran and Russia using gold and they are a part of BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa), which plans to replace the US dollar and the Euro with a gold-backed currency.

I strongly suspect China and Russia plan to use their client states, North Korea and Iran, as surrogates as a first strike on the US. If the US responds with nukes or any of our really heavy weapons on North Korea, China will receive "collateral damage" and retaliate. Russia has already pledged to attack any nation that attacks Iran.

I was a teen during the Cuban Missile Crisis; then, I never once believed it would result in a nuclear exchange. I am very uneasy about the present crisis, infinitely more so than at that time.