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Comment: People don't want to educate

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People don't want to educate

People don't want to educate themselves on anything. Even if they were to read the writings of Margaret Sanger, they would just dismiss it as a conspiracy theory. They think they own the life growing inside of them just because it relies on their resources.

People are just too happy having a few seconds of tingling with someone they don't know instead of practicing being a moral person. They will abstain from smoking cigarettes and eating bad food, but how dare a person treat the body with respect by not being a slut. People use the excuse of progression for all kinds of hedonist behavior while backhandedly talking about how animals do what they are doing. Doesn't anyone see the backwards logic there? Progression is not moving towards animalistic behavior. This kind of crap is what comes from the mouths of those who worship the creation and blaspheme the creator.

And guess what? It takes sperm to conceive, so men do have a say in this.

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