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Comment: Harry Browne and Ron Paul have it right ...

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Harry Browne and Ron Paul have it right ...

... abortion is one of the few areas where libertarians disagree. Ask a bunch of libertarians what to do about minimum wage, and 99%+ will say eliminate it. Ask what to do about marijuana, and 99%+ will say legalize it (or, better yet, just repeal prohibition laws).

But abortion is different. Pro-life people think abortion is murder. OK, then should a woman who has an abortion be executed? Most would say, no, that's a little extreme. Likewise, most pro-choice people do not think it is OK to have an abortion 5 seconds before birth. That does seem like murder.

Both Harry Browne and Ron Paul have said that they personally do not like abortion, but if you outlaw it, you will not stop it, any more than you stop drug use with prohibition, or illegal immigration with immigration laws, or anything else.

First, it is not a federal issue at all. It is a state issue. Second, whatever each state decides, any absolute prohibition will lead to unintended and bad consequences. If people want to stop abortions, they should not look to the government to do it.

As for the liberty movement, there are so many other things that are important that abortion should not be a litmus test. If it is for any individual, then that individual is missing the bigger picture.

BTW, to OP: You will get nowhere debating the merits of a pragmatic argument with people who view the argument from a moral perspective.