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Comment: Since the time the framers penned the constitution

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Since the time the framers penned the constitution

the supreme law of the land has adopted precident and as RP says, "lost their way" from constitutional government (which I agree with RP) and the solution is to RESTORE AMERICA, which is what we are attempting to do by getting into the GOP, fighting the corruption, replacing the corrupt and moving to return to constitutional government and the bill of rights.. it's not a straight shot.. it took decades to get here, and I for one it takes less than decades to restore the constitution.. your yelling about the loss of the way is to do what? Inspire someone else to do what you won't? Get in and work with RP Republicans to restore the republic? We are working on decriminalizing drugs and changing what is an illegal unjust system. You're screaming to a work force that is involved, as if your screaming is actually doing anything to make it happen (unless it's just a call out to get someone else to do what you will not) Unless of course you have a better way.. let's hear it.