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Comment: You need to know something of

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You need to know something of

You need to know something of how to play the game of three level chess.

Our Zionist Occupied Government (ZOG) control everything. You have to use a wealth of knowledge and well played strategy to out maneuver those control freaks in that cesspool they call the establishment. Makes me vomit at what we have to put up with. You must be very careful with the words that come out of your mouths, lest you be absolutely squired by the main stream media making our chances of ever achieving anything null and void.

I’ll give you an example of the the game that must be played;

Example of failure to execute:

“Upset that Republican Carl Paladino disavowed portions of the speeches he made at two Brooklyn synagogues on Sunday, Rabbi Yehuda Levin on Wednesday withdrew his support for the candidate.

“If he continues on this path, not only can’t I vote for him, but I will call on all religious people to write in ‘morality’ or something like that [on the ballot],” said Rabbi Levin in a phone interview.”

My words of advice for all US patriots running for major public office; Make sure you do your obligatory Israel Lobby/ADL ass licking statements just like many current Congress people have done. You will not get on TV for name recognition advertising if you don’t.

It is preferable to say good things about Israel for the ADL and the Israel Lobby when you're a candidate running for high public office. Embellish everything you can think of like a lap dog. Go over the top with your Israeli ass licking statements. You can always turn your back on them in your own way after you are elected into the office and become an America firster. You must also be prepared never to say anything disparaging “in the Zionist peoples mind” that would offend them. Work the system doing an end run around them and play it smart.