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same here

"I've referred a few people to this site but they got turned off by all the issues that have nothing to do with liberty."

Same here. I tell them not to judge the content by the headlines. While there is a lot of well thought, well articulated, intelligent content on this site, most of it is hidden behind a terrible headline title. Choosing a title for a composition is often not as easy and requires as much time and thought as went into the composition alone. The headline is as important as anything your trying to express in the article under it. Maybe more. Unfortunately people are largely headline and byline readers. Especially nowadays where there is more news and information available at the finger tips than one person could possibly view in a day, headline scanning is a necessary method of gathering daily news. It's an art, a skill that many of us, myself included, have not much talent. lol

"Don't Judge a book by the cover" is easier said than done when you're picking something to read in the largest library of information ever known in the history of mankind.