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Comment: Losing money is easy. So is printing it. Earning it is tuff.

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Losing money is easy. So is printing it. Earning it is tuff.

New York Times, October 27, 1910

MARK TWAIN LEFT DAUGHTER $611,136. Fifty Shares of the Mark Twain Co., Which Owns All His Copyrights, Valued at $200,000. REAL ESTATE WORTH $70,000. His Library Set Down at $2,000 - Author Made All His [Remaining] Fortune After His Reverses of Fifteen Years Ago.

REDDING, Connecticut - The inventory of Mark Twain's estate, returned by the appraisers... to the Probate Court for the District of Redding, gives a total of $611,136, of which $70,000 represents the value of his home "Stormfield" and the cottage known as the "Lobster Pot," while $511,136 is personal property. The sole heir is his only surviving child, Mrs. Ossip Gabrilowitsch, the wife of the Russian pianist.

The copyright values of his writings are grouped in the inventory in the assets of the Mark Twain Company, incorporated a few years before his death, to which all the copyrights were assigned. His fifty shares in the stock of that company are listed in the inventory at $200,000. As an item of the personal estate, the appraisers also note a trunk and its contents, which he had placed with the Lincoln Trust Company of New York. In the trunk are certain of his manuscripts, but no value was placed on them, for the originals are at Stormfield [Twain's home].

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