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Comment: "Those who shut their eyes

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"Those who shut their eyes

"Those who shut their eyes and ears to these disturbing facts are afraid to face the harsh reality of what our once noble republic stood for is no more."

Some are afraid, others are comfortable, and yet others could care less......i think there are many reasons, at the end of the day, i know from first hand experience that people have the ability to grow, not that im saying im something special, just that, from "caring less", to caring, is a MAJOR change for this one, an UNEXPECTED change, considering i NEVER thought i'd care enough to start .......caring .......and following that through with giving thoughts to those things i started to care about..... thing that i can only assume you find out once you start caring, is that you had it your whole life, it may even have affected one or two of your decisions, but, i, sure as hell didnt understand it back then, let alone recognise it for what it was.........that is the bond that binds us i think, the recognition of that ......?.spiritual understanding?

And offcourse the guilt, that years of ignorant uncaring, may or may not have contributed however small to the world we live in, i dont think, at least i hope i did nothing major, but even the small things i feel i have to atone

Anyway, i mention this, because of it, im hopefull that there must be one or two "me's" out there who are still slumbering, who may go through the same things, end up in the same conclusion, somedays i feel despair over the comments i see, then i remember, where i came from

Three entities, good people, bad people, and the sheep......everyone is capable of good or bad, what they CHOOSE is what defines them.........the good and the bad are in an ideological war, to shepard the sheep.....we want them to join us, to stop being sheep, and they want them to stay there

Anyway, where was i going with this.......???...
( I gotta have a point right, i MUST have a point.....Do, i, have a point?).....:)

....oh yeah :)........i guess the moral of the story is, dont give up hope on good people who have yet not found their way, even though im sure Lew was not even saying this, or that folks here were, just thought it important enough to speak up about it........important enough to me anyway, as liberty folks im aware and glad that we hold different levels of importance to things, but we all generally seem to care about the SAME things