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Comment: How is he socialist?

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How is he socialist?

He's not advocating for any government control over the actions of the people. His 'central' push is only for a central managed system to identify and publicly display what physical resources the planet has and how far down the path of using them up we are. The rest is all distributed demand based operation.

Regarding law, legal stuff and other restrictions, he advocates that 'human nature' would eliminate most of that need in a world of abundance.

On politics, my take is that he is more for a direct republic. One where the people directly vote on laws that everyone must live by. ...should a government even be needed.

He's also said, and I agree, that if we were to use all our resources efficiently (stop wasting a rare one when we could substitute an abundant one or an efficient way to use it) then all people could have all they want. This doesn't mean that everyone will get 3 mansions, 2 planes, a chopper, 8 super-cars, 4 yachts and a dozen jet-skis. Since most of those are low use goods, there's no reason we have to 'own' them. In other words, do you really want to own the jet-skis or would you be ok with them just being available when you go to the lake?

Think of it more like a volunteer time share among friends and family.

You might want to dig a little deeper into his platform.