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Comment: We'll give you everything you need for free:

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We'll give you everything you need for free:

"We'll give you everything you 'need' for free: just follow us into the enormous cage we've created."

Ya... Right. If these Luciferians could make good on any of their promises, it would already be, but they can't. The Zeitgeist movement is just the prevailing thought of our age, and what our age wants is "free stuff" while self worshiping mass murderers use that Zeitgeist to systematically destroy society leaving it unable to feed itself or barter through industry, liberty, and money.

There's NOTHING they can do to get rid of money, and to condemn it as evil is to condemn everything mankind produces in an attempt to survive as evil.

To declare money as evil is to in fact declare your desire to live evil, and if you know anything about liberty, you should know wanting to live is not an unjust desire.