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President President President.

I said it a bunch of times to try and make it clear that I am not talking about any other vote for any other office.

I see no need for electoral college delegates for the presidential election.

Other elections and other delegates are not even part of what I am discussing.

I always say we are "supposed" to be a republic. Things have become distorted over time.

From what I read, most people do not believe elected politicians represent their interests. So, ultimately, the U.S. government is not behaving like a republic of delegates, even if is supposed to be a republic by design. I just see the election of the president to be a separate issue, and that changing to a populous vote for the president does not change the way all the other offices are filled. The government can continue with whatever remnants of a republic it still has, and maybe representation can be improved to the point that the U.S. government starts behaving like a republic once again. ..with a populous vote for the president.