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Comment: I hope i dont get any flack

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I hope i dont get any flack

I hope i dont get any flack for this, but if so, so be it

The one critizism i have with some americans is the importance they put on citizenship over individual right

I dont know the dynamics of your imigration problem, so i cant judge how severe something may be when it involves imigration, but human rights shouldnt go out the windows once your labelled an imigrant, what needs to happen is massive debates on solving the honest problems of imigration

Personally, i dont think i would oppose a bill like this in my country, do we then become the very people we fight, by treating immigrants as if they have no, you RECOGNIZE the rights they OWN, and hold them to the standard we hold ourselves, and just like everywhere else, youll find good people, and you may find bad people........can you look in those good people's eyes, maybe liberty folk, and say to them "get out of my country".........heart sickened by the thought

but i do think that, if its causing a major strain on a country, they should have the right to close the borders........until they get their house in order, and then practise a sensible imigration procedure, if their able, and if they choose to, im not opposed to it, if it is sensible, and non restraining on the country

Anyway, thats what i think, what do YOU think?as i said, i dont have any idea apart from the obvious of why imigration is bad in a strained economy, i have the sense that i might not be privy to a whole lot of things..........but the human rights thing, will always stand, but i'd rather understand the situation better then not, IF something needs understanding

I say that "you" bit, in general, im certainly not trying to single you out OP, or attack, im always worried my posts may be construed as an attack, hope you know its not, you got me to comment on something i didnt think id be commenting on the first time i glanced at it, but as soon as i saw the highest comment on that article, ........well, it changed my tune

Thanks for posting both recap and article leading to comments:thumbs up