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Comment: If astrology has nothing to do with it ...

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If astrology has nothing to do with it ...

... then why do ancient religions pre-dating Christianity have stories of miracles that are the same basic story line as Christianity?

Why is Christ depicted with the Sun behind his head? Why do some church crosses have the Sun, or abbreviated version of the Zodiac?

Why is Sirius lined up with Orion's Belt on precisely December 25th, pointing at the horizon where the Sun rises on that day?

Why is Easter celebrated at that particular time of year?

You could just come back with, "'Cuz God says so," but then you'd have to prove the existence of god, which you cannot do.

It is obvious to ME, regardless of what theists think, that religion is a natural outgrowth of humans questioning the world around them, and that includes astrology for the basis of the stories, along with a little morality and life lessons thrown in the mix.

Makes all the sense in the world, and Peter was the first guy who put it into a sensible context that I ever saw. My hat is off to him for that.