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Comment: To rip off someone, im not

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To rip off someone, im not

To rip off someone, im not entirely sure who, but

Ask not what the people can do for you, but what you can do for the people

"But what else can we do?"

Are you not here?Do you not think for yourself?

DDucks, anything you do other then that is a bonus, now none of that "what else you can do" nonsense, you and others are doing more then people realise, just for those two things, the battle is to keep going, and everyone here is here to help the cause, and by proxy, you......

But since your asking

If you can manage to fire all corrupted officials, bring about idealogical change, massive reform of laws, and a sense of world peace.....well now, that would be soooooo, great.......peachy even

I jest,

dducks, we sow the seeds and hope for a glorious harvest, if not this one, the next one, or the next one.......

If we live and breath, and think our own thoughts, we are free, that they can never take away, until then, we continue as best we can to show others the freedom they have forgotten ....and hope for a glorious harvest