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Comment: It would be wrong among NORMAL

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It would be wrong among NORMAL

Americans to advocate that UN recognaze the right of American Indians to have their own state and bypass US government and American people in achieving such a statehood.

Surely, there are plenty of socilaist-progressives, populists, and anti-Semites who would encourage the NEW WORLD ORDER - UN - to make unilateral actions.

P.S. Even anarchists accept arbitration. The owner of the land, British Empire, delegated that authority to UN. In 1947, UN decided on two states. Palestinian land was absorbed by Egypt & Jordan instead. Jordan was an artificial British creation itself. Only in 1967, Jordan and Egypt lost the land in a war to Israel. According to UN own rules, Israel has the right to annex the land. UN changes its rules as it goes, though, thus terminating its role as independent arbitration.