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Comment: Power to the people.

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Power to the people.

"GTFO implies that the land belongs to you."

IT does. Power to the people. People have a right to form a government. Like I just said, they fought and died offering their lives, treasure, and sacred honor opposing people like you who want to buy and sell collective violence freely so you can play warlord of the flies.

If you have a problem with that, win the debate, but you can't because all you want to do is destroy something you don't have the right to destroy, and should you try, you'll face justice, and not because of some shadowing menace, but because you failed to recognize that people have the right to self determination.

The whole world has agreed that government is better than Anarchy, and since so many people here advocate voluntarism, I say let them put their lives where their ideas left them.

If you won't pay your taxes, either GTFO, win the debate, or pick up a gun tin soldier.