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Comment: Excelent, kumbaya yas out,

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Excelent, kumbaya yas out,

Excelent, kumbaya yas out, for everyone, its a parade :D

Ta, dducks, most of the time i think im an ideological fool, im pretty young to being awakened, sometimes i think im just spousing random thoughts from a newbie mind, no doubt i do most of the time, i have no delusions in thinking that will change, maybe just a little less of it, d'unno

Anyway, to not risk yanking our chains any longer :D

Opps, sorry i couldnt help my self, heres some love back at you, ha! i outlove you..take that!........check and match, thankyou very much.....
I could go on all day sister....
(shhhh, im bluffing) :D

Knowing my luck you completly detest this song, would make me laugh actually, :D