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Well interestingly enough many employers were

Going down the wellness incentive path previously. One of the items I actually thought was good about ppaca was that employers could go up to 30% of the annual cost of the insurance (one persons annual cost not their entire group) for engaging in some sort of wellness behavior that is based in improving health or wellness. The part that is messed up....ok well...the part that is messed up about ppaca and wellness is that small employers (less than 50 eligible employees) are now really dis-incented to engage in wellness all because of the changes in underwriting guidelines the insurers must enforce in 2014. In 2014 your health status can't officially be part of a carriers review for developing your groups. I hate typing on an iPad. Especially to type lots of words....anyhow, there are other things too, but if they can't look at your health (small groups) what good does wellness do?