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Comment: Will Rogers was a salt of the earth man, with a humorous wit.

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Will Rogers was a salt of the earth man, with a humorous wit.

3 minute speaking performance. Newspapers. War. Irish Freedom. 18¢ Irish whiskey. NY City Shooting.

He was OK with being labeled liberal. What he emphasizes here is that beyond all the nonsense... political parties... political rhetoric... He supported giving everyone a fair shake. He knew politicians gave promises on the way into office... Alibis on the way out.

He spoke of most of what government did as folly. A waste. People thought he was making it up. He would regularly read straight from the newspaper trying to convince folks he was not crazy. "Says it right here!"

He felt a fair shake meant that a man willing & able to work should. The government should stop promising everything for everybody. There was & always will be plenty to work. Those willing & able should do so.

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